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Products Scented bath oil (250 ml)
Baths with herbal oils and their essential oils softly cares for your skin, relieve emotional stress, help to relax and make the procedure of having a bath even more pleasant. The main aim of using oils is softening the skin. Essential oils and dry plants, dissolving in warm water, exude their natural energy together with aroma and have a positive effect on man, making him/her more healthy. So that skin, especially dry and sensitive to water, does not suffer from dehydration and dryness, grape seed, almond, apricot oils and jojoba oil are used. Oils intensively effect on skin, making better its hydrolipidic protective slayer. Grape seed oil enriches the skin with vitamins, softens it and prevent its early ageing. Almond oil prevents dehydration and soothes the skin. Jojoba oil has a good penetrating ability and soaks deeply into the skin, providing moisturising, nourishment, regeneration, and protection of deep slayers of epidermis. Soaking deeply into the skin, it has an antiphlogostic effect, especially if the skin is injured or irritated. Jojoba oil exceeds many vegetable oils in healing powers. Apricot stone oil is recomended to use for a very dry, ageing, thin, sensitive, and inflamed skin. How to use: recommended for daily use, 1-3 caps of oil per bath.