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Products Body Cream (55 g)
Massage cream is ideal for moisturizing your skin and enhancing its natural defenses. It makes your skin silky, soft and elastic. It is composed of four unique oils: cacao, mango, shea and coconut. This composition will overcome all your expectations and will provide you the best results. Mango oil prevents skin of drying, makes it elastic and prevents appearance of wrinkles and stretching that is particularly relevant for pregnant women. Cacao butter deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Cocoa butter and shea-butter moisturize the skin and make it healthy-looking. All oils combined have a great healing force and cope with scars, sores and some skin illnesses. Massage oils are ideal for all skin types, for babies and pregnant women. The cream is irreplaceable throughout the year after sauna, after sunbathing, for massage, in case of a burn, cold weather, etc How to use: unpack the product by slightly pressing the bottom of the package. Before applying on the skin let the cream melt by heating it between your palms.