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Amber cosmetics are famous for an array of values. The main component of such means is amber acid or ground amber (powder), which act as a biostimulant for the skin cells. The benefits of amber have been known since the olden times. So, it has been always attributed with curative and antiseptic properties. They started to add amber to cosmetics with the appearance of amber acid, which was derived in the XVII century. Exactly since that time they started to study amber in more detail and apply it in all kinds of spheres, particularly, in cosmetics. Amber exfoliating soap excellently cleans the skin, by removing impurities and dull luster. The amber crumbles, acting as scrub, massage the skin, while amber acid contained in the crumbles penetrates into the skin directly. Usage of such soap contributes to the skin cells regeneration and, besides, each small piece flavours of rich warm fragrance. Apart from amber crumbles the soap is filled with desiccated petals of Marigold (Calendula), Aloe butter and sea buckthorn extract.