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Marine salt, when dissolved in water, contains 32 chemical compounds – a real elixir of liveliness and health ! The basic active substance is sodium chloride, besides product contains a complex of biologically active macroelements ( Na, K, Mg, Ca) and microelements (ferrum, iodine, chrome, boron etc.) in balanced ratio. Product is designed for preparation of mineral (marine) water for external use. Complex of mineral components influences human organism through the skin by forming so called “salt mantles” and by infiltration of microelements as well as through respiratory system. The mechanism of therapeutical influence is extensive. Sodium chloride waters actively affect condition of central nervous system, activate many metabolic functions, improve circulation of blood. Marine salt does not cause any allergic reactions. Marine salt is widely applied as a curative and preventive agent that improves condition of skin. Excellent natural preparation that normalizes sleep and reduces feeling of tiredness. Usage of marine salt produced by company “Rīgas ziepju manufaktūra” after working hours is very comfortable mean for valuable relaxing and sleep. There are different scents and colours of the salt. Some recipes are supplemented with dried herbs and petals. Especially convenient is that marine salt is sold on weight so that customer can purchase any amount. Recommended dosage – 100 – 200 gr per bath.