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Products Sauna honey (300 g)
Curative and cosmetic qualities of honey where well known in Ancient Egypt. Honey was considered as a divine product that gives strenght, secures mind and lightens body. Usage of honey prolongs youth. Thanks to phytoncides that honey contains it is natural antibacterial agent. Applying of the product after sauna procedures beneficially affects skin condition. Honey massage is especially effective. Honey nourishes, softens and purifies skin, making it gentle and smooth. Also beneficial influence of essential oils is well known. Each kind of oils has some special qualities and wide spectrum of curative features. Product doesn’t contain synthetic paints and fragrances. Applying: For external use only. After the last going into the sauna gently massage honey into the skin and leave for 3- 5 minutes. After that rinse with warm water. For all skin types.