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Products Mega Bath Balls (280g)
In order to turn usual bathing into the nice and pleasant procedure, we would recommend to use handmade aromatic “Mega Bath Bombs” by company “Riga Soap Manufacture”. Each ball contains extremely valuable nature product – marine salt. Marine salt is rich in a complex of mineral substances, it supports improvement of skin condition and regeneration processes. Abundance of different scents and unique colours makes a good choice for any customer. Bath Bombs by “Riga Soap Manufacture” are easily dissolvable in warm water. What you need to do is to fill up the Bath and put ball into it. While dissolving, ball will fill your bathroom with unforgettable scent. Dosage: one ball per bath. We do not recommend to combine usage of Mega Bath Bombs with other bathing products. Do not contain synthetic conservants. Does not content oils or other insoluble components.