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Products Bath Melts. Four heart-shaped cream bars (4pcs)
Sinse ancient times hot bath is considered an excellent method to relax.Company Riga Soap Manufacture produces some extraordinary creamy bath melts as a cream plates.All you have to do is to fill your bath with a hot water and to plase the melts in there,where it will dissolve immediately.After the bathing procedure you will feel like you have used some magical cream! Bath melts do not contain artificial fragrances and colour agents.Product is handmade by company's specialists.It is hippoalergic and can be used without any contra-indications.Water temperature should be 35-37C,optimal lenght of the bathing-20-25 minutes. Spread oil evenly around the body with circle moves of your hands.After a few minutes aroma oil will be absorbed into the skin. Dosage:one plate per bath.