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Products Essential Oils (10 ml)
Essential oils always were considered as a luxury goods. But today the aromatherapy has entered into our everyday life. Essential oils “ Riga Soap Manufacture ” not only help to cope with illnesses, but also give a possibility to transform ordinary grey week-day in bright and joyful. It is just that rare case when reception of pleasure is accompanied by the big advantage for our beauty and health. Will agree, as in pleasantly evening after fussing day, in purely cleaned room to fire the aroma lamp with one of favourite essential oils to be arranged in a cosy armchair, to close eyes and relax. And to sit here so even minutes five. Problems recede somewhere, and once again the life is fine. Encouraging essential oil will help to wake up in the morning and properly to work within day, oils-aphrodisiac will help to make an unforgettable holiday romantic appointment. And what charm is the aroma bath! And what is necessary for this purpose? Only the aroma lamp, and some bottles with favourite essential oils.