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Products Aromatic Bath Melts with Sea Salt (4 pcs)
The fragrant, warm bath is a perfect way to relax and have a rest after a busy day. “Riga soap manufacture " makes unusual butter-cream (Bath Melts) for baths in the form of cream tiles. Each tile is heart-shaped and consist of several oils and sea salt. Therefore, having a bath, turns to be useful cosmetic procedure for your skin. The combination of cocoa and almond oils is a natural dampener and a skin’s humidity balance regulator. Contains such vitamins as A, B1, B2, B6, Е and saturated fat acids. Butter is able to be absorbed easily in skin, making it gentle and soft. In Ancient Rome, for example, almond butter was also used as rejuvenating product. Every cream-tile contains Mediterranean sea salt painted in different colors. Dissolved sea salt in water, contains 32 chemical connections – it is a unique natural product! The basic operating substance is chloride sodium, salt also contains a rich complex of biologically active macro cells (Na, K, Mg, Ca) and a micro cells (iodine, iron, chrome, a pine forest, etc.) in balanced parity. Application: It is enough to fill a bath with water and put a cream-tile in water, where it will gradually thaw. When you finish having a bath you will feel the effect of nutritious oil on your skin as if you have used a magic cream. The optimum temperature of water in a bath 35-37 gr. , time of procedure 20-25 minutes. One tile is stipulated for one procedure.