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Products "Silk Road" Premium massage candle
Article: 10-svm

MASSAGE CANDLE WITH SANDALWOOD, SWEET ORANGE, PATCHOULI AND BLACK PEPPER OIL. The properties of this formula are bactericide, antiseptic and resolvent. Because of its sweet and irritating aroma is used as aphrodisiac. Works as antidepressant, prevents from overwork, nervousness, insomnia. Originally it's bitter, sensitive and long-lasting scent.

Jojoba, argan and shea butter massage candle with essential oils and vitamin E. 100% natural, Premium line product with original recipe. The candle is designed to melt at low temperature so it does not burn the skin. Give or receive the most unforgettable massage ever, leaving skin silky smooth and irresistibly scented. Our massage candles are all natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients or dyes, just great oils, butters and Essential Oils.

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