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Grapeseed oil often is called “an excellent basic oil”. As a raw material it is included into the contents of many popular cosmetic products. Grapeseed oil is gentle, almost odourless and is used for convenient massage. Producing (extraction) of the grapeseed oil is very delicate and labour – consuming process. Grapeseeds are very small and contain just insignificant amount of valuable raw material ( about 16 – 21% of seeds weight). Grapeseed oil might be used not only for massage, but also for baths. It’s necessary to add to the bath water 10 – 15 ml and bathing will turn into the fine procedure that will moisturize and nourish skin. High content of antioxidant – vitamin E ( 30-120 mg/ 100 gr) and smooth consistency of the oil helps to make skin gentle and elastic.

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