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Products Salt scrub with aloe vera (320 gr)
Salt body scrub is a wonderful cosmetic remedy for skin clarification at the time of having a bath or a shower. To look beautiful and healthy, skin needs correct clarification. But body washing only is not enough. It is advisable to make a deeper skin clarification, i.e. clarification with the help of scrub. SALT SCRUB provides mechanical peeling of a slayer of needless skin scales from the skin surface. As a result, skin pores open that leads to a better skin clarification and moves out toxins. Scrub contains clarified salt, almond oil, aloe juice and dry milk. Aloe has a moisturizing effect on skin. Researches prove its antiphlogistic, antibiotical properties. It contributes to a faster healing of burns and wounds. In cosmetology, moisturising and nourishing properties of this plant are used. Almond oil is widely used in cosmetic remedies. It has a good moisturising and nourishing effect, it is also recommended for precautions and elimination of cellulite, “orange skin” at the time of massage procedures. Anti-cellulite effect of the oil is based on the penetration into deep skin slayers, activisation lymph and blood circulation, that contributes to moving out of the excessive liquid and slags, strengthening and lifting the skin. Salt and dry herbs, contained in some recipes, effect like natural scrubs, tone up. Dry milk, enriched with milk fats and proteins, softens and nourishes skin. Aloe juice and glycerin provide skin moisturising, while almond oil supplements skin nourishment and softening. The procedure of clarification with the help of scrub improves blood circulation that results on external look of the skin. The skin becomes smooth and velvety. How to use: At the time of having a bath or a shower, apply the honey to the wet body gently massaging by hands. Rinse with warm water. Not recommended to apply the scrub to face, decollete area, as well as to injured or irritated skin.