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Products Sugar Scrub with Honey (280 gr)
The remedy for skin care SUGAR BODY SCRUB helps to clarify the upper skin slayer from dead cells of epidermis and restore the elasticity of the coverlet. It is a supplementary cosmetic remedy that is necessary for a deeper skin clarification. Oils, moisturising and nourishing components allow to use sugar scub for sensitive and dry skin. Sugar, as well as honey, is used as a natural scrub with moisturising effect, which due to its little grains, together with honey provides a double effect of mechanical peeling of the skin. Already in Ancient Egypt, honey was used as a cosmetic remedy for keeping the skin smooth and beautiful. Honey has antiseptical, antibacterial, well-defined softening and sedative properties. Milk fat and proteins, contained in dry milk, soften and moisturise the skin, while sweet almond oil softens it. Almond oil soaks easily and distibutes all over the skin, softens it, activates blood circulation and contributes to cellulite elimination. After the procedure of clarification with the scrub, skin becomes pure, smooth and soft. How to use: At the time of having a bath or a shower, apply the honey to the wet body gently massaging by hands. Rinse with warm water. Not recommended to apply the scrub to face, decollete area, as well as to injured or irritated skin.